Gee, CEO and designer of George Rafael Inc

Inspired by the love of art, music and fashion from a young age, George set out to make his vision become  a reality.

Growing up Latino in the Bronx, when music, graffiti and fashion were a way of expression, going to parties where break dancing and the electric boogie was in, riding the bombed NYC subway cars, painting the streets, wall and anything paint could go on, airbrushing clothing, and keeping with the latest trends whether it was Lee's or Le Tigre's.

George took it all in with the hopes to one day bridge them all together to create something of his own while being able to give back.

It wasn't until being introduced the the world of fashion that he would realize he wanted to create his own apparel line. Attending his first show at Bryant Park in NYC for fashion week was the spark that ignited it all. " I remember being at the Perry Ellis show, it was no longer than 20 minutes, and I knew this is what I wanted to do." 

George then went on to study Fashion Design and Merchandising. He felt if this was what he wanted, he needed to learn the details of what the industry was really about. With a degree in Fashion Design, he set out to create his own clothing line.

The line began with creating graphic tees and later venture into the world of denim. He knew he wanted to create premium clothing using premium fabric and most importantly, products made in the USA. He designed his first denim jeans made of raw selvage denim from Cone Denim, in North Carolina and had them cut and sewn in California. Two styles were created which are now available for retail.

George has attended various trade shows with the likes of Magic in Las Vegas, Project, Capsule, ENK and Agenda. He continues to explore new possibilities and ideas while making new contacts in the industry to bring the best quality product he can offer.

"To NYC for inspiring me to love the world of fashion, and to the Bronx for making me strong enough to believe I can do anything. Thank you to everything and everyone whom have given me any type of inspiration to do what I love".....